Client Town Gelsenkirchen

Metro entrance Krampe Schmidt Architects

Project partner Philipp Sattler, Gerhards & Glücker Architects (competition)

Local site management DTP Landscape Architects

Team Stefan Bernard, Nataliya Borys, Kerstin Grotewal, Fabian Lux, Sandra Rösler, Matthias Schlosser, Agata Waszczuk

Scale 1,7 ha / ca. 3,8 m Euro

Location Heinrich-König-Platz, 45879 Gelsenkirchen

A square used to be just an oversized metro entrance. A left over from the 80th. Today it’s an open, attractive urban space in the heart of the city of Gelsenkirchen crowned by two imposing churches. To define different zones, the warm grey paving shows inlays of linear paving. Those zones provide space for seclusion and action. The Georgshain is a reminder of the past, a place to spent time in the shade of trees to reflect and observe. The result is a wonderful urban square in the district for the daily life. There’s enough room to celebrate the soon to be won championship of Schalke04.