Eberbach Monastary

Client Stiftung Kloster Eberbach

Project partner Philipp Sattler

Team Stefan Bernard, Anja Freye, Kerstin Grotewal, Milena Kalojanov, Liane Loechel, Burkhard Paetow, Bernd Rengers, Sandra Rösler, Philipp Sattler, Matthias Schlosser

Scale ca. 7,5 ha / ca. 4,9 m Euro

Award Auszeichnung vorbildlicher Bauten im Land Hessen 2011

Location Kloster Eberbach, 65346 Eltville am Rhein

An abbey. Almost one thousand years old. Erected by strict Cistercians, and secularized after Napoleon. Today an impressively dense Gesamtkunstwerk featuring remnants from romanesque, gothic and baroque times among lushly green forests. The concept: sober clarity and a reduction to the essential. Modesty and implicitness. And the intention to translate atmospherically the handed down writings of Bernhard of Clairvaux.