Visitor center Inselsberg, Bad Tabarz

Client Free State of Thuringia, 2021

Architecture RICHTER MUSIKOWSKI Architects

Team Stefan Bernard, Agata Waszczuk, Fabian Lux

Award Competition 1st price

Location Großer Inselberg, 99891 Bad Tabarz

The Inselberg plateau is 916 m above sea level. On one of the highest mountains in the western Thuringian Forest. Task: The further development of the popular excursion and hiking destination to a „theme park“ - a new visitor center with the "Inselberg Terraces" in the outdoor area as a landmark. Concept: The identity of the landscape and the structural silhouette of the Inselberg are carefully opened up by means of a careful structural measure. Like a half-excavated fossil, the visitor center is structurally designed as part of the mountain. Structural interventions on and at the edge of the plateau are designed as a landscape unfolding of the topography. Visitor center, gastronomy and terraces line the ensemble on the plateau with new uses and a restrained architectural language. A circular path connects the existing facilities on the plateau and the intersecting long-distance hiking trail Rennsteig.