• 5th - 6th January 2023

    Team days for the new year

    Traditionally, we started the new year with a white sausage dinner. Afterwards, the documentary "Work without meaning" led us into an exciting discussion. On the second day, we started updating our office manual (QM).

  • Dezember 2022

    Bauherrenpreis 2022

    Together with Blumers Architekten, we are pleased to receive the Reinickendorfer Bauherrenpreis 2022 for the new residential complex of the building cooperative Freie Scholle. The jury acknowledged: "The residential buildings and the outdoor facilities follow an integrated overall design that enables a high quality of living."

  • 11th November 2022

    1st place in Bonn

    Together with Winking Froh Architekten, we are pleased to have won 1st place for the Innovation Triangle in Bonn. Special attention was given to "the climate resilient open space planning according to the sponge city principle".

  • November 2022

    Construction site in Augsburg

    The construction site for the campus the Universtity Medicine Augsburg has started. Many cubic meters of soil have already been moved. The planning is slowly becoming real - the first terrain modeling and paths are recognizable.