• 1st December 2023

    New pictures of Leocampus

    Just in time for the start of winter, we want to share some warming impressions of the openspaces of the Leocampus in Paderborn. The project was completed this year.

  • 25th April 2023

    The "Big Garden" has been completed

    Another part of Campus Rütli is finished and can be used by campus users from July. Now the vegetation gets some time to grow.

  • 15th - 15th April 2023

    JoLa in Berlin

    The editorial team of JoLA (Journal of Landscape Architecture) conferred for several days at the SPL Studio. A good place for productive future planning of the magazine and exploration of the new open spaces in Berlin.

  • 04. April 2023

    Youth Club NW80

    The construction work for the youth club NW80 is progressing well. The identity-creating seating element has been placed in the entrance area.