Wohnanlage Waidmannsluster Damm

Client Baugenossenschaft "Freie Scholle" zu Berlin e.V.

Architecture Blumers Architekten

Project partner Sebastian Koch (Bauleitung)

Team Stefan Bernard, Amena Grünberg-Witzemann, Fabian Lux, Lena Mosel

Scale 5.900 m² / ca. 620.000 Euro

Location Waidmannsluster Damm 81 - 83, 13469 Berlin

A new residential complex for the "Freie Scholle" community. Linked to a 1920s listed neighbourhood, yet with its own unique identity. In the centre a spacious green courtyard. Both partly sunny and partly shady. Freely composed "ice floes" refer back to the building owners name and form meeting places for the neighbours. The spaces are themed throughout the site. The garden floe with raised beds and planting tables for those who like to garden. The play floe for young and old. The Neighbourhood floe with space for small parties or chats at the picnic table. The eco-floe integrates with an existing biotope. New trees, shrubs, grasses as well as rock formations and deadwood enrich the habitat. Insects, birds, bats, lizards ... The residents have something new to discover every day!