primary school, Schönewalde

Client Municipality Wandlitz, 2022

Architecture thoma architects + 4a architects

Team Stefan Bernard, Agata Waszczuk, Fabian Lux

Award Competition recognition

Location Bernauer Damm, 16348 Wandlitz

A new school building with open spaces is being built on Bernauer Damm in Schönwalde, a district of Wandlitz. Concept: The new building consists of three buildings of equal value in a loose arrangement. The buildings are grouped around open courtyards as access and lounge areas. In order to continue the small-scale and village-like settlement structure, green, partly horticultural outdoor areas are proposed as far as possible. A courtyard was provided for each school building, which is used for beds for grass and perennials that are high enough to sit on. A topographically moving play landscape stretches between the three school buildings, which integrates various play and exercise equipment. All three school buildings are connected by a circular path. The sports hall and outdoor sports facilities can be reached via a footbridge.