Museumspark Rüdersdorf

Client Rüdersdorfer Kultur GmbH

Team Stefan Bernard, Jouba Keskin, Agata Waszczuk

Award Competition recognition

Location 15562 Rüdersdorf near Berlin

Historically and culturally a unique place. A mighty opencast pit and the unique ensemble of lime-processing buildings. Mainly in the awareness of the "Kalker". Caution: rock blasting! Searching for an idea it became clear: only brute force could torn the precious goods away from the ground. The blasting as a picture. The limestone quarry in the center. Punctual interventions in its surrounding refer to it. Rock boulders, crushed stone and sand are used. The ruggedness of the fragments translated into an edged, polygonal design language. "Scattered places" with different use options. At the new entrée of the future museums cashpoint one of them: A gabionkloof through the green protection rampart. The wideness of the limestone pit can be felt here. How about a visit of the Museumspark?