Potsdamer Street, Michendorf

Client Municipality Michendorf, 2022

Team Stefan Bernard, Agata Waszczuk, Fabian Lux, Maria Zaghi

Award Competition 2nd price

Location Potsdamer Street, 14552 Michendorf

Potsdamer Street was downgraded to a municipal road in 2005 when the B 2 federal road bypass was completed. However, Potsdamer Strasse remains the main access road to the Michendorf. The competition, which relates to the central section, is intended to qualify the street as a lively town center with a high quality of stay. At the same time, car and bicycle traffic must be taken into account. The concept is strengthening the existing character and hierarchizing the sections along Potsdamer Street. The impressive avenue trees are complemented by new plantings. By reducing the number of parking bays and optimizing the driveways, the amount of green space can be increased. Four inviting and quiet open sapces will be established along the street: the new station forecourt, the entrance to the Teltomat site, the orchard and the church park.