Kita Pistoriusstraße

Client Kita El Mundo de los Niños

Architecture Stadler Prenn Architects

Team Stefan Bernard, Jakob Fürst, Amena Grünberg-Witzemann, Lena Mosel

Scale 740 m² / 59.000 Euro

Location Pistoriusstraße 6, 13086 Berlin

An old listed Villa was converted into a Kindergarden. The wild green space has been restrained and put in to order to give the kids of El Mundo de los Niños room for a wide range for play and experience. The garden shows three main parts. One is for social gatherings where wooden elements organize the space. The other one is a meadow with open, sunny areas and a natural area with big, old existing trees. It is a garden of possibilities, not for defined play. Everything is possible. We believe in children.