Square on Schützenstraße, Düren

Client City of Düren, 2022

Team Stefan Bernard, Agata Waszczuk, Fabian Lux, Matthias Schlosser, Sarah Südfeld, Maria Zaghi

Award Competition 3rd price

Location Schützenstraße, 52351 Düren

The redesign of the square on Schützenstraße is one of the most important parts for achieving the qualifying goals of the master plan. The square is now used for public parking. The aim is to develop the parking spot into an attractive urban space between the city center and the train station. The existing historical references should be taken into account. Concept: The new Schützengarten follows the premise of treating the treasures found with respect (plane grove, tower fragment, kiosk, Rückriem stele) with respect. The historically documented garden at this location is taken up as a guiding theme. A frame is laid around the plane tree grove, which takes up the enclosure as an essential element of the garden. The frame protects and defines the "grove garden". Structurally, the frame is differentiated urban furniture – sometimes raised and sitting high, sometimes grandstand, sometimes stairs, sometimes a watercourse, sometimes a stage and sometimes a seating object.