tam. Family Centre

Client Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg von Berlin

Team Stefan Bernard, Kerstin Grotewal, Matthias Schlosser, Agata Waszczuk

Award Competition 1st prize

Location Wilhelmstra├če 116-117, 10963 Berlin

A school building in the centre of a Kreuzberg neighbourhood: a registered rear building, build after plans by Ferdinand Gerstenberg. Today there is no front building. The space being used for the intercultural family centre tam. Conceived as an open house for families and residents of the adjacent social space. For all cultures and their children. And soon to be complemented by an open, colourful and lived in garden. Taking clues from the symmetry and the colours of the historic building. As an inviting gesture towards the street and with a central path that doubles as a play space. And the accompanying play and movement areas. But most of all: A garden of encounter.